Indie band from Lincoln, NE

Hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska, Salt Creek has hardly taken a break since bursting onto the scene in April of 2016. Wasting no time at all, the band released a two-song demo and a music video almost immediately after announcing their presence, kicking off what would be a very active year. The summer found the band touring around the Midwest, engaging audiences from Minneapolis to Colorado Springs, and from Fargo to Kansas City.

After several months of playing shows regularly, Salt Creek slowed down briefly to travel to South Dakota, working with Jeremy Schaeffer at All Poetic Audio to record their first EP, a five-song album entitled “Where Strangers Go”. The record was mixed by Mat Kerekes of Citizen and mastered by Doug Van Sloan. The indie post-rock style of Salt Creek reflects the unique and eclectic histories of each of the band members, their music drawing on the contrast between the simple honesty of the band’s rural roots, and their distinct and seasoned musical backgrounds.